Welcome to Koding 4 Kids

We are a group of kids who love to program and want to share that with the world.

How we got started

Computer programming is awesome, there's no denying it. It has even been endorsed by the president. Though it is quickly growing topic that is becoming more and more relevant to today's world, there is still a discrepancy in the classes offered to students.

We want to change that

Why should a student who doesn’t have the ability to take programming courses in school be restricted from learning how to code? He or she shouldn’t.

Don’t get us wrong, we don’t only want to teach novices how to program, we want to teach all levels of expertise who are willing to learn. Even if your school does offer courses in programming, we want you too! This organization is as much about the community and mutual interest as it is about inspiring students who have never programmed before.

Now I know what you are asking:

Why should I sacrifice my time to attend your workshops when there are thousands of free tutorials taught by professionals online?

Because we are students ourselves. We are learning to program right alongside those we are teaching. We know how difficult it can be to learn the concepts of programming because we went through the same thing. We can also communicate with our generation better than adult can. Equipped with these tools, we believe we can really make a difference in the world.

So come on! What are you waiting for? Start learning to Kode with us today at one of our workshops!

A little bit about us

David Woldenberg
Jonathan Heckerman

Some Credits

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